Journal 5

Aftermath: Cento


That black forest and the fire in earnest

leaves a trace              leaves an abscess.

More & more I see the human form,

fire’s afterbirth, the long dangle of waste, pitted

mouths, volume turned off.  A band of iron,

fighting for a pure country.

The corpse, the flies, the world, the fact that we were

standing by blank and amazed — you touch that unnameable

outline of buried cities.

Rocks stick out of the shore like heads.

Nobody is ever missing.


Louise Gluck

Simone Muench (1)

Simone Muench (2)

William Dickey

Denise Levertov

Patricia Smith

Molly Peacock

T.R. Hummer

Katha Pollitt

Sharon Olds

John Berryman (2)